HTML for Tabbed Navigation

Listing 12.2: Two-Column Layout with Stacked Pills Navigation

Harley Davidson Breakout

Big wheels, big paint and classic drag-bike attitude meet modern refinement. Then we stuff it brimful with raw power.

Listing 12.3: A Dropdown Menu

Listing 12.4: A Split Button Dropdown Menu

Listing 12.5: A Simple Dropup Menu

Listing 12.6: The HTML for a Navbar

Listing 12.7: Navbar Brand

Listing 12.8: Building a Navigation Toggle Button

Listing 12.9: Collapsible Navbar with Three Links

Listing 12.10: A Form and Button in a Navbar

Listing 12.11: HTML for a Navbar with Multiple Components

Listing 12.12: Bootstrap BreadCrumbs

Listing 12.13: Standard Bootstrap Pagination

Listing 12.14: Pager List with Links to the Side

Listing 12.15: A List Group with Badges

Listing 12.16: A Group of Links as a List Group

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Listing 12.17: A Fancy List Group


Content courtesy Harley Davidson